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This website is an attempt to share with you what has helped me understand my body well enough to correct several serious situations. Even when we have guidance from the best doctor(s), I think it’s best to learn our own body and take charge as our own healing advocates.

Nobody knows our body as well as we do. Being able to better communicate what’s going on should only help the situation if we are working with the right people.

Why is getting started so confusing?

There are a few variables that influence a starting point.

  • Is there one major issue
  • Is the issue unknown
  • Is this ongoing or new
  • Are we still stressing all day
  • Are we making an attempt at putting ourselves first
  • Are we making big changes for big improvements
  • Do we still have a lot of learning to do
  • Do we understand enough to start moving forward
  • Do we have the knowledge to dive in

Even when twins develop at the same time, they can have completely different biochemistry. With so much potential for differences, nobody knows our own body like we do.

I am just trying to highlight that there are many different paths into and through healing. I did not realize this at first and found a lot of information very confusing.

Support the basics

Did you know our cells use sodium and potassium to set themselves up to transfer nutrients? Electrolytes are almost like our cell’s wiring or circuit board. Understanding electrolytes and having an idea where my levels are is one of my main focuses. Without these, I am like a computer with broken circuit boards, or a phone with just enough battery to make an emergency call.

The Iodine Protocol includes sodium in the form of unrefined salt, as well as magnesium, which are a good start to electrolytes. But once we start getting more nutrients, we’ll need large amounts of potassium and a small amounts of calcium to move forward. Potassium and calcium should come from mainly food though with a few phases of supplementation to help raise levels. Read more about electrolytes on my iodine site

Digest and eat real food

Eating 100% clean 100% of the time can be overwhelming. But understanding clean eating is very important. I learned a lot about food and hidden ingredients by doing a 30 day elimination diet called Whole30 by reading a book called It Starts with Food. I wrote about toxicity and eating clean on my iodine site. I also started another Facebook group called Whole30 for Beginners to help learn about this eating method.

A section on Detox @

A primary focus of our healing journey should be balancing stomach acid and supporting fat digestion. Without these two, it’s like having a leaky fuel tank and wondering why we can’t make it all the way to work. It doesn’t really matter how well we eat if were not absorbing nutrients properly due to this leaky fuel tank situation.

Support digestive issues

Without proper stomach acid we cannot digest B12, protein and other nutrients. 1 Our food also ends up making it to areas of our gut at the wrong pH which offsets the various environments of our gut. 2 One aspect of our bile is to help bicarbonate neutralize our stomach acid 3, but if our stomach acid is already low, then we cannot release enough bile or we’ll lower our stomach acid too much and offset digestion even more. 4 Stomach acid imbalances are commonly thought to be due to elevated stomach acid due to all the acidic feelings people tend to experience. But for a lot of people, the issue is actually due to weak stomach acid. Stomach acid is difficult to generate and requires a lot of energy. Our issues today have to do with the inability to do things properly, so the chances are slim that our weak cells are generating a bunch of extra acid. When our stomach acid is low enough, we may increase our chances of an infection called h. pylori, 5 which can attach to our stomach lining and alter our ability to maintain stomach acid.6 7 8 This infection can be difficult to manage due to it being easily sharing it with people we share environments with. 9 10 Over time we can end up with imbalances in our biome like SIBO etc.11 The wrong bacteria can turn our food into toxins. 12 Sometimes this can be resolved with proper diet and probiotics but other times it can potentially require antibiotics or similar attention. 13 Without proper fat digestion, which could just be due to low stomach acid as I outlined above, the oxalates in the plants we eat can end up in our blood and tissue, 14 which is being connected to various autoimmune related conditions 15 as well as various thyroid conditions. 16 Once we’re focused on stomach acid and our gut isn’t creating toxins, supporting fat digestion with ox bile and digestive enzymes can be handy. I’d like to point something out real quick. There are a ton of people claiming oxalates are “plant poison” and therefor “plants are toxic”. Except they have no idea how oxalates are digested and metabolized. Did you know we make way, way more oxalates during normal metabolism than we could possibly consume? Maybe we should focus on digestion etc instead of calling plants poison. Read more about Stomach Acid

Finding the right fuel for the job

Now that I am focusing on digesting, absorbing and transporting nutrients, I can focus on all of the various nutrients my cells need in order to power and rebuild themselves.

By researching the symptoms that have been holding me back for decades, or currently plaguing my health, I was able to slowly reverse-engineer my biological configuration(aka genes). Using individual supplements, I was able to learn a lot about how my body functions. But over time I eventually located a handful of products that allow me to move forward very easily.

After several years of various diets, supplements and protein powders, I tried Arbonne’s 30-day Healthy Living and was amazed by the results. For less than $5 per day, I replaced hours of food prep and several supplements with nutrition that worked much better for my body. I started Arbonne in January 2020 and have only gone a few weeks without their protein powder since. I slowly use and replace some of the other components from the 30-day kit, but for the most part I just use the protein powder as a nutritional boost. Arbonne is a MLM(Multi Level Marketing) company, which gives me an incentive to share their products with you. But that is not why I share their products. I don’t share any of this information in an attempt to generate funds, but it helps pay for my webservers as well as support the time I put into all of this. If Arbonne’s clean ingredients and the success I have experienced with their products sounds intriguing to you, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or in the Iodine for Beginners group and I will help you find the best products for you to get started. Click the image above to browse the 30-day kit I started with, but please reach out before getting started. I save money and consume more nutrients than I could possibly prepare on a regular basis. If you are not sure how to find me, use This short video on my Facebook page Sick of Tired explains how the nutrients of this powder line up with and run my nutritional engine that keeps my health moving forward.

More nutrients to make more cells

Now that I am digesting, absorbing, transporting and consuming all of these nutrients, I can start really pushing into detox and rebuilding cells.


A simple multivitamin geared for basic methylation helps me get an idea how well I’m methylating. If I can take this daily and feel great, I’m methylating well. At this point, these nutrients are most likely helping me rebuild more and more of the cells that handle methylation.

If taking this daily causes me anxiety etc, I need more time in nature, basic nutrition, reduced toxic input/environment and a focus on infections. Sometimes taking a day off, or a few days off allows my body to catch up.

Once I’m digesting and methylating well, I’m providing my body with most of what it needs to run it’s metabolism. Without this core step running well, it’s like a car with a weak engine, or a blacksmith or pizza maker with a weak oven. We need a strong metabolism to help us fuel everything else we need to do.

Our metabolism is what generates our energy, but its synchronized with our overall health. Without digestion and electrolytes to transport a good balance of nutrients, we don’t have anything to metabolize. But without metabolizing well, there is no use for whatever various nutrients we’re getting.

For the pizza maker to cook and sell his pizza properly, he had to sell pizza last month and pay the fuel bill to keep the oven running. We’re doing the same thing in a different way. If we try to cheat the system long enough, it will most likely eventually crash which requires a lot more work to correct.

Time for detox

If dense packages of nutrients similar to my Arbonne shakes or Multivitamins mentioned above are causing me to continually feel better and go through digestive changes that are commonly considered negative(diarrhea etc), but allow me to feel better and remove old stuff, I continue taking them and try slowly adding more if that continues to help. Most people find these nutrients that work and become scared as their body and digestion change into situations that are commonly seen as a negative. But an odd aspect to healing is that sometimes healing reactions look like the opposite. We just have to pay attention to how we feel.

Once things level off and I am not able to find any nutrients to cause me to move forward with detox, I add some iodine or increase my dose in an attempt to knock something loose. But if this makes me feel poorly or just not right, I do not add more iodine. There is a common misconception out there that we constantly need to add more iodine in order to move forward. 

This is similar to pruning a tree or plant. The iodine allows us to prune broken or clogged cells with a method called apoptosis 17 18 19. If our digestion and metabolism are working well enough, we can handle a certain amount of toxic cell pruning. But this process takes time and our body is going to attempt rebuilding cells where we’ve been pruning.

We really need to appreciate what our cells are doing here. First they disassemble themselves to a degree and drop their components and toxins into our bloodstream. Now other cells in our liver & kidneys etc attempt grabbing these toxins and reducing them into something that can safely be excreted via sweat, breath, pee or poo.

As awesome as this whole process is, it takes time and we need to keep the system in balance. These processes require a lot of energy, and can easily burn up our nutritional reserves. If we have major clogs of sorts like mega high histamines or oxalates, or several dirty genes, this process can be very touchy. Sometimes these roadblocks require very specific focus, but restarting at the top of this page and repeating the process should allow us to move forward as long as we can get this type of nutrition without reactions.

Continue Reading

Throughout what I’ve mentioned above and in other pages of this site are links to other websites or various types of content I’ve created. I do this in my free time so things aren’t always 100% organized, which means you may need to dig a little.

Some people have mentioned that this book is a little complex. But if you are able to breeze through a lot of what I talk about on my websites and videos, you will most likely benefit greatly. Even if you are struggling to understand, chipping away at this book should be helpful to anyone.

Dirty Genes by Dr. Ben Lynch at Seeking Health is a very important read. If more people understood the contents of this book, our overall health would be completely different.

Pass it on!

I used to think I was indestructible. But in my early 30’s, I fell for a trojan horse disguised as a free seasonal medical intervention that I assumed was safe and effective because I never researched the subject. Within a year I was waking up on the floor having seizures as well as forgetting what I was talking about dozens of times a day and slowly heading into chronic fatigue. What you have read on this page, and the info contained in my websites, Facebook groups and videos is an attempt to pay-it-forward. I spent years researching, going through trial and error, as well as lots of highs and lows before I finally pieced all of this together. I wish I came across my own info when I was just getting started with natural healing because its years of research, trial and error, and deep thought compiled into a few hundred pages. Help me help more people by sharing this page with others. Although this info is available on the internet and in books etc, I do my best to make it available to more people that may have different mindsets and beliefs. I have a hint of autism which causes me to become frustrated when I do not understand something. This has caused me to understand a lot of things which is likely what allowed me to successfully heal. I am attempting to get this content out of my head as I have time which is why I have like 5 websites and various Youtube channels etc. My site has links to most of my info and has most of my groups.


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