I fixed my health with nutrition

join me as I share my story

I have spent the past several years figuring out how to support my body while also keeping up with life’s daily demands.

After researching and debating health from several angles, I decided to use nutrition and iodine to clean my cells and regain my health.

With a handful of foods and supplements, I have allowed my body to begin cleaning itself of the various toxins I’ve accumulated.

This has allowed me to detox naturally without the use of harsh chemical chelators that would have forced my body to release certain toxins against it’s will.

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Why read another potentially confusing perspective?

Can we trust nature for wellbeing?

How I start taking iodine

Resources to get started

Dirty Genes
Methylation is an important and complex topic. The main goal of this site is to explain this topic in short videos. Dr. Ben Lynch’s book called Dirty Genes is a great read for anyone that has the time. Also available on Seeking Health’s website. 

Salt Your Way to Health
Understanding the importance of natural unrefined salt is important. Dr. Brownstein has a great book on the topic, called Salt Your Way to Health(2nd edition).

Iodine: Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It

Dr. B explains the important of iodine at many levels.

If iodine and natural healing is new to someone, Lynne Farrow’s book The iodine Crisis may be an easier read with more testimonials.

While reading up on iodine, or having hesitation to get started, try some kelp. I’ll write more about kelp soon, and how fearing it’s toxicity is silly for a few reasons.

Our diet depends on our methylation status, which depends on our nutrient/toxicity status. This is why its so difficult to ‘find the right diet’. Our diet is ever-evolving with our environment, lifestyle, diet and toxic load. But understanding food in general is a big help. This book helped me see what real food is and what eating ‘clean’ allows my body to do. I wrote more about this eating clean situation on my iodine site http://whyiodine.com/what-is-detox/http://whyiodine.com/how-to-detoxhttp://whyiodine.com/support-organs/

From Dr. Ben Lynch
Update June 2019:
It is HIGHLY recommended to start with:

Optimal Electrolyte,

ProBiota HistaminX

and Optimal Start (a multivitamin without any folate or B12)

These open up your biochemical pathways. This way neurotransmitters don’t get ‘stuck’ in your head giving you horrific side effects.