What is Calcium D-glucarate(CDG)?

D-glucarate is found primarily in fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapefruit, oranges, bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and other cruciferous veggies. It is also produced in small amounts in the body.

Calcium D-glucarate(CDG) is a supplemental form of D-glucarate that is helping a lot of people catch up on a backlog of hormones and toxins. D-glucarate by itself only lasts 1 hour in the body, but when we attach it to calcium, it works for 5 times as long.

A lot of women claim this nutrient helps them in tremendous ways. I have witnessed a night and day change in my wife’s energy levels when she started taking CDG and another nutrient called DIM which I will explain more about later.

My wife joined me for a video because she’s so excited about how CDG + DIM make her feel!


I have noticed benefits myself and can only take CDG very sparingly. If I take this and/or boron too often, I build too much testosterone and turn into a jerk. But, after using only a few of these over the course of several months, I have noticed my mood is much more balanced. When the cells that CDG supports fall behind, it can back up to and inhibit our MAO genes which can have a drastic impact on our mood.

As I research CDG, I see it breaking down used and excess hormones while also helping regenerate those into new hormones we need. Without enough CDG, our system has to work much more as it attempts to manage hormone imbalances and create new ones that are needed. We need other nutrients, like iodine as one example, in order to build hormones, but CDG can give us a major boost.

As we learn about natural health we’ll most likely see “detox pathways” mentioned in various ways. Glucuronidation, which CDG has a very good chance of supporting, is one of our main detox pathways. I see a ton of people struggling with hormone imbalances and I’m also seeing a lot of people benefit from CDG.. hmm.

I’ve seen people use CDG to combat symptoms of mold. I’ve been studying mold detox for years and I’ve never seen CDG mentioned.

How do I get started with CDG?

There are a few important things to be aware of.

CDG is an amazing nutrient that is finding its way into more health regimens. But, similar to other potent nutrients, when we finally expose our cells to something they desperately need, things can swing rapidly in the opposite direction and cause so many beneficial processes to happen that it ends up being uncomfortable. I like to start new supplements as slowly as possible while paying attention to how my body seems to be responding. That way I have a better idea of what the nutrient does or does not do for me, I don’t overdo it, and I can worry less about pushing something else out of balance.

If you’ve ever started jogging or running and found enjoyment from it, you may push yourself too hard the first few times and had to spend extra time resting and limping around. As great as it is to experience something enjoyable from a new nutrient, it’s wise to go slow and give our cells a chance to keep up with everything going on.

Although CDG is not known to have reactions with any specific medications, it does influence our detox system, which can in turn influence medications’ abilities. As CDG supports this, it has the potential to increase the influence a medication has, and/or it can process the medication much quicker which can reduce its duration.

Balancing hormones can be a bit more involved depending on how much our body currently depends on hormones, the levels of our hormones, the number of xenohormones we get from our environment, the amount of potential hormone replacement therapy we’ve used, etc etc. CDG is a powerhouse when it comes to getting so much of this back into check, but that means there are going to be other nutrients involved, so we want to make sure we’re providing our cells with nutrients. We also want to be careful with how quickly we balance hormones unless we enjoy fluctuating moods. You do you.

I follow a method called Pulse Dosing when I start any new nutrient. The first time I try a new supplement, I open the capsule and sprinkle a little into a glass of water and sip it slowly. This allows me to judge how my body will respond to this nutrient. Otherwise, I have taken an entire capsule of something new and although I had a great healing reaction from it, it was uncomfortable because it was way too much way too quickly. So trying tiny amounts of it helps me realize if this nutrient is potent for me, which allows me to start it much slower. The only time this has not worked out is when I sprinkled a capsule of TUDCA which is bile salt, into water. Tasting bile salt outside of the capsule is probably the most bitter thing ever ever ever. You should try it.

How to buy CDG

I tend to grab new supplements from my local health store. I tend to do this for several reasons but over time I realized it helps me judge the potency of whichever my preferred brand or source is.

Even though the dosage amounts were the same, my wife and I both noticed Seeking Health’s CDG being a bit more potent.

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Key Benefits and Actions*

  • May help support healthy phase II liver processes
  • May help support healthy estrogen metabolism
  • May help support healthy lipid metabolism
  • May help support cellular health

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In a lot of ways, CDG and DIM go hand and hand. I started with CDG and allowed my body to catch up and balance out a bit before I added DIM. My wife started both at the same time and had great benefits but eventually had to slow down because I suspect enough cleanup was able to take place that now other systems need to catch up a little before continuing with much more of these.

I see CDG as a way to help clean hormones out of our system and I see DIM as a way to help dislodge and process hormones that are clogging up our system. They are both potentially very beneficial, but I think we might be able to cause a bottleneck if we either take more DIM than our body can handle as it waits for more CDG or other required nutrients.

On Seeking Health’s page about DIM, they mention several other nutrients. They mention boron which is in their trace mineral blend and they mention liver nutrients as well as CDG. And their CDG page mentions NAC and some others. We may not all need these various other nutrients, but I think we can benefit from using very tiny amounts of each. I attempt to own every nutrient involved in just about all of this, but I only use very small amounts very sparingly.

I look at these other nutrients they mention as “downstream” nutrients. I think it’s important to focus on downstream and work backward. That way we’re not just knocking stuff loose and creating a bottleneck over and over.

My wife’s success and the success of others may have a lot to do with supporting other various nutrients for several years before finally trying CDG. If we fill our own environments with lots of toxic products and eat poor quality food, we may need just a bit more than 1 or 2 nutrients to get things going again.

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I may expand on DIM some day.


Another nutrient connected to this hormone situation is called sulforaphane. This is naturally found in cruciferous veggies but we can also supplement it in a concentrated form.

I have been liposomal sulforaphane supplement https://amzn.to/3IwqeFu after using a basic version of broccoli extract https://amzn.to/3kvZnSj

The liposomal version is definitely more powerful and caused me to become constipated for about a week. I see digestive changes like this as a good thing because my body is likely doing something different and getting rid of stuff it does not want.

Some science about CDG

I have a few dozen bookmarks on this topic. I will continue to add to this page as I have time to explain what each means.

CDG supports Phase II glucuronidation, a primary detoxification pathway that deactivates toxins and promotes their elimination.

CDG plays a vital protective role for the immune system by inhibiting the beta-glucuronidase enzyme that can otherwise interfere with the safe removal of steroid hormones such as estrogen. 1 2 Beta-glucuronidase enzymes are active throughout the body, especially in the liver, colon, lungs, skin, bladder, breast, and prostate. 3

Other potential clinical applications of oral calcium-D-glucarate include regulation of estrogen metabolism and as a lipid-lowering agent. 4

Calcium glucarate as a chemopreventive agent in breast cancer. 5 By showing it may inhibit or delay the promotion phase of mammary carcinogenesis by lowering endogenous levels of estradiol and precursors of 17-ketosteroids. 6

CDG may support the Glucuronidation of mycotoxins(mold) 7

D-glucarate not only suppresses cell proliferation and inflammation but also induces apoptosis. By supplementing D-glucarates, one can favor the body’s natural defense mechanism for eliminating carcinogens and tumor promoters and their effects. 8

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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