Electromagnetic Field Radiation

In the land of make believe, radiation is a good thing. But in the real world, where profit motivates all, an emerging industry with a $50 TRILLION potential is not about to let our health stand in it’s way.

1918: A 200 kW alternator starts operating at Station NFF, the Naval station in New Brunswick NJ, which was the most powerful radio transmitter of the time. – WWI communications go live.

1918: The Spanish Flu pandemic

Although there are many studies on EMF radiation’s influence on cellular activity. There are two that really stand out. One shows us that EMF reduces antioxidant markers in our blood. This means something is either causing us to use up more antioxidants, or that the systems which make antioxidants available, are being damaged.

Another shows increased activity of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC). If biochemistry and quantum physics isn’t really your thing, skip the details of what this means and look into the data that relates VGCC influence to some serious issues, like leaky gut.

Ever heard of Red Light Therapy? Over 4,000 studies are associated with it’s effects on health and wellness. Near InfraRed light is a tiny band of EMF. If this slice of EMF has health benefits, why aren’t the rest of the frequencies being studied for health effects? Because NIR light is part of sunlight, and other emf is just manmade microwave radiation which is used for profit, not nature.

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