Learn meteabolism

I taught myself how to fix my own metabolism to regain my health 

This is a story of my journey

I used to be a regular person.

I used to wonder if taking supplements was good or bad.

I assumed I ate decently as I stopped for some form of fast food more than once a week.

And I had this odd chip on my shoulder where I assumed my genes would carry my weight as I ignored my body.

Then I fell for a flu jab

I’m just trying to help you understand a bit about where I am in all of this, so the rest of my journey might make a little more sense.

I went from feeling bulletproof – to waking up on the floor having seizures and forgetting who I was in my 30s. And as odd as it sounds, it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done.

I went from being clueless to the world around me to realizing what I am, what I’m a part of and what’s going on around here that’s making everyone so angry, confused and unwell.

Now I’m a health nut, on steroids

I’m sharing my journey with anyone interested because I did it, I won. I successfully taught myself how my body works so I could stop living in hell everyday.

I did this by ignoring boundaries and using critical thinking. I was successful because I’ve don’t this many times before in the past with many other machines and systems that are part of the same “framework” everything in this universe is.

I’m going to show you how all of this stuff works and I’m going to make it really easy. All you have to do is figure out how to forget all the broken logic we’ve been pumped full of, even from people that truly think they are helping.

Enough about me, who are you and what are you up to?

Did you eat pizza today or are you dedicated to learning which foods support your current goals? Or are you desperate just to find food that doesn’t cause some type of reaction?

Have you addressed stomach acid and electrolytes or are you still potentially going in circles with downstream issues?

I think one of the most confusing aspects to all of this health info is the fact that our audience (you) is unknown. I have no idea who you are or what you’re up to, and you are 1 of who knows how many possible configurations of human.

We weigh different, we sleep different, and we even sneeze different. There’s almost nothing alike about us when it comes to learning how to support metabolism.

We’re all in this.. alone

Even with the crazy amount of unique configurations we and our metabolism may have, we are still very similar due to the fact that we are humans just trying to feel better and enjoy more of our time.

But the majority of us are stuck figuring this out by ourselves. Some are able to hire various types of doctors or other help, but even professions don’t know us as well as we do.

Plus, they are just people we barely know. I don’t let strangers drive my car, but I might ask them for advice and include it in my critical thinking along with a lot of other advice.

You may opt to lean on others on your journey, but I opted not to. I didn’t even run tests. Feel free to use my journey as a backup method for when you are out of options or ready to take control if this situation yourself.

What’s our problem?

Figuring out the problem requires understanding the machine we’re trying to learn how to support.

All types of people from all over are working daily to figure out how to make things work better. Some of us are just trying to learn a new job, others are optimizing computer code, some even create viruses in a lab for some reason. They are able to do better by learning more and understanding things better. That’s what we have to do here.

Ok, so what are we trying to fix?

A bag of cells.

We essentially absorb everything we come in contact with, break it down, and run it through our cells.

This is happening because our cells constantly need to rebuild themselves. But instead of providing all the raw building blocks they need, we’ve been absorbing the wrong stuff for decades and generations.

We started as a single cell and our mummy’s metabolism gave us fuel to split ourselves a few trillion times.

Each cell is made of components we absorb from our environment.