Micah’s Protocol

After many attempts to understand health, I finally found a path that supported my body and helped me move forward. I don’t share this as advice to anyone, I’m just sharing my protocol that worked for me.

This is a condensed overall view that links out to other sections with more detail. As I explain each topic, I share products that I’ve used to help me move forward. I make money on some of these products if purchased through my links. I don’t have them listed here for the purpose of generating funds, I share them because they worked well for me. If you have a preferred source, similar products to what I’ve used may work.

Micah’s Protocol

Stomach Acid – Without proper stomach acid, I can’t digest my food properly. It’s not just a reduced ability to digest, it’s an improper form, causing me to lack access to certain nutrients. – I explain this further in the full version Mercury Detox

Fat Digestion – After eating and drinking improperly for long enough, I ended up not digesting fat well which has a slew of issues.

I take Kelp or tiny amounts of Lugols till I’m digesting and nurturing – Kelp has a good bit of nutrients, Lugols and the iodine protocol have the base nutrients, but I needed many more nutrients before I could move forwards smoothly. I wrote about starting iodine here https://sickoftired.com/iodine-dosage/

I learned how to support my methylation – Methylation is a core system that just about everything in my body depends on. Learning how to support this system made everything come together. I explain methylation and have a few videos here https://sickoftired.com/methylation/

I load my diet with nutrients that my methylation uses to convert protein, fat, sunlight, water and exercise into all the components my body needs.

As I have time and energy, I slowly increase my iodine and let my body clean things out at the rate my current nutrition can provide.

I studied some other potential long term health impacts

  • Natural sunlight is very important for my body, and artificial light has negative impacts.
  • Pure water that is neutral or alkaline may provide a decent boost to my cellular abilities.
  • The ever increasing wireless radiation in today’s environment has a lot of documented health impacts

Here is an extended version Mercury Detox