Micah’s Protocols

If you would like to prevent or help mitigate the effects of non-native ElectroMagnetic Field radiation, I share below what I use to “charge” my system the best I can.

As we give our cells the energy they require, they broadcast their own frequency. I need to give them the power to defeat the constant bombardment of radiation that people have been utilizing for profit and convenience for only the past 100 years.

The nutrients I mention here are what our body is trying to build up and support. We still need to rebuild the structure that they are a part of. But by supplementing these various nutrients, we can reduce a burden on our system as we continue to learn how to rebuild and support it. I explain how to get into all of this later on in this page.


Supporting electrolytes is a bit like charging the battery or maintaining the wiring or circuits of an electronic device such as our cell phone. Without proper battery or wiring, we can have the fastest processor and the best apps, but things are not able to communicate and function properly. We run into the same type of situation with electrolytes. We can load our diet with all the fancy nutrients we want, but without enough electrolytes, we can’t transfer the nutrients properly and they go to waste.

We have 4 main electrolytes that work together, but their main goal is to suspend calcium properly so it can do some really odd things that are not simple to understand.

EMF radiation happens to alter this crazy function calcium has in our cells, which is one more reason properly supporting our electrolytes is so important. 1

Seeking Health has an amazing blend of electrolytes. I use one of these packets one day a week or more. Sometimes I’ll have more than one packet if I notice it helps me feel better. If you end up using another electrolyte powder, attempt mimicking the nutrients of Seeking Health’s powder. The 2 grams of D-ribose is plenty worth your carb restriction.. which we’ll have to talk about another time.. and the niacin and taurine aren’t there just for fun. I’m not just slinging products at you guys, there is a good reason I use and affiliate with SH.

I have written more about electrolytes on my other site https://whyiodine.com/electrolytes

Antioxidant support

Daily life uses antioxidants to keep our cells strong and healthy. Exposure to toxins, including EMF radiation increases the demand. 2 Exercise, infections, alcohol use, aging, illness, genetics and poor nutrition can also increase the demand for antioxidants. In a perfect world, our body can make or recycle antioxidants with a good diet. But in today’s toxic world and the difficulty involved with maintaining a great diet, supplementing antioxidants can be very beneficial as we learn how to rebuild our metabolism.


Liposomal glutathione with cofactors is probably the best place to start because it can help B12 into more cells so those cells can potentially work much better. 3 It’s also our master antioxidant with connections to a wide array of health benefits. 4 Data is showing reduction of severity of various illnesses, including regular flu 5 6 and the most recent version of the flu 7 8

Vitamin C

Once we have enough glutathione to pull more B12 into cells while also potentially antioxidizing cells that are otherwise non-functional, we can keep the cells stronger with vitamin C and carry out even more antioxidation. Glutathione recycles Vitamin C 9 which is why its probably best to restore glutathione levels first. To make sure we’re getting the Vitamin C to more cells, we’ll want to start with liposomal form, and might as well use this one with some cofactors known to help our body use it.

Selenium and Vitamin E

Next for antioxidants are Selenium and Vitamin E which start to get a little complex because these two also depend on several other nutrients including B6 and Molybdenum. The easiest route would be to use this multivitamin which is gentle enough for most people getting started with nutritional balancing, and also includes everything we need for this aspect.


Here is more information I’ve written about selenium https://whyiodine.com/selenium/

Curcumin with Resveratrol

Although not well known, Curcumin with Resveratrol can potentially help with inflammation which is very common especially if our antioxidants have not been up to par. It’s also known to help clean our VDR or Vitamin D Receptors which may allow us to take care of our Vitamin D needs without using hormone supplementation aka Vitamin D supplementation, which can be a good thing. It also helps support our antioxidants, glucose metabolism and eye health.

SuperOxide Dismutase – SOD

Another not well known antioxidant support substance is SOD. Depending on our current gene configuration, this can potentially have amazing benefits. As with any nutrient, if we don’t notice it doing anything, we might want to leave it on the shelf for a while and try it again after we’ve noticed our system starting to make use of others.

I go extremely slow with SOD. I sprinkle only a small amount in water and sip on it for several hours. This stuff is super potent for me but sometimes it causes me to feel like each breath contains more oxygen, which is a rather interesting experience, especially since one of our main goals is to harness oxygen.

Once we are running some more of these antioxidants, there are a few other nutrients we can add to help the system run. Imo it’s wise to start with a glutathione supplement, and also wise to use one that has molybdenum and selenium, and also wise to at least start with liposomal form to help support broken cells. Once we ‘clean’ things up with the glutathione supplement, we can use something called NAC to help create more glutathione. Most people can use a little NAC before supplementing glutathione, but it seems to work better after the initial glutathione supplementation.


NAC works with glutathione in more way than one. It is handy on its own but seems to help some people balance glutathione better. I’ve seen a few people that were unable to handle the liposomal glutathione plus I mention, but once they used a bit of NAC and gave their body some time, they were able to utilize glutathione.

NAC is mucolytic which means it dries up our mucus. If we have excess mucus this can be beneficial if we’re also addressing what might be causing the mucus. But otherwise, we can dry out very important things like our stomach acid, immune system and more. I noticed benefit from about a month of daily NAC use and then it started to dry me out. Now I use it about once a week and avoid it a little longer when I notice its not really helping me.


This starts to get a little more complex, but some commonly used nutrients in all of this are molybdenum, copper and zinc. These help the action of most of the antioxidants I’ve mentioned and helps avoid keep them all working together without creating a backlog that depends on a slower one. The best way to get into addressing these is to read the homepage of this site.

That’s all for now for antioxidant support. If I were able to start over in my detox/healing journey, I would use the nutrients I mention above to prep my body for the road ahead. Essentially once our body is not loaded with oxidative toxins, and is balanced with nutrients, it will make or recycle most of this stuff on its own. But some of us have a lot of work to do. I fell for a flu shot about 6 years ago and although I’ve finally got my body in much better shape, I still have years of work to do before I can assume my body is in almost tip-top shape. And even when I do finally make it there, I’m going to continue providing it with some extra support.

Long term health via detox

This is where things get complex. Usually we are paying someone to guide us through this part or hold our hand as we advance to each step. But I’m a nice guy and have a pretty solid understanding of a large majority of how our body works, which has allowed me to simplify this stuff in a unique way. But it’s still pretty difficult to point someone to a good starting point.

What I have below is an intro to how I start with iodine detox as I inadvertently learned how to detox myself of mercury. This and my write up on my mercury detox page is a decent way to get into this, but its a bit more for people that have already started heading down this natural detox path.

If you are new to all of this, you may want to head to the homepage of this site which written a bit more for people just getting into all of this or still looking to wrap our head around the situation so we understand what we’re going for here.


Iodine and mercury detox

Stomach Acid – Without proper stomach acid, I can’t digest my food properly. It’s not just a reduced ability to digest, it’s an improper form, causing me to lack access to certain nutrients. – I explain this further in the full version Mercury Detox

Fat Digestion – After eating and drinking improperly for long enough, I ended up not digesting fat well which has a slew of issues.

I take Kelp or tiny amounts of Lugols till I’m digesting and nurturing – Kelp has a good bit of nutrients, Lugols and the iodine protocol have the base nutrients, but I needed many more nutrients before I could move forwards smoothly. I wrote about starting iodine here https://sickoftired.com/iodine-dosage/

I learned how to support my methylation – Methylation is a core system that just about everything in my body depends on. Learning how to support this system made everything come together. I explain methylation and have a few videos here https://sickoftired.com/methylation/

I load my diet with nutrients that my methylation uses to convert protein, fat, sunlight, water and exercise into all the components my body needs.

As I have time and energy, I slowly increase my iodine and let my body clean things out at the rate my current nutrition can provide.

I studied some other potential long term health impacts

Here is an extended version Mercury Detox


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