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Save 10% at Seeking Health

Supplements with a purpose. Take some of the guess-work out of your supplementation with Dr. Ben Lynch and his team’s research.

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Save 15% with Zen Haus

Zen Haus has a few very handy supplements. I prefer liquid iodine but there are times capsules or pills can be very handy.

They also have a great immune support supplement which includes olive leaf extract.

I personally do not believe in supplementing vitamin D3, and their current A-D-K formulation has titanium dioxide, so I’m not a fan of that product.

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Save 10% at ioTech

ioTech has created some amazing new products that have more molecular iodine in them than other options.

Molecular iodine is a potent form of iodine that helps us keep nasties out of our system.

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