Smoke started the fire

Breaking News: Ovens around the world are burning food!

Around the globe, people begin reporting problems with their kitchen ovens burning food for no reason. Oven experts are eager to figure out what’s going on so they can quickly develop and sell a solution.

These experts use a special tool and take a sample from one of the ovens that has been burning food. They run it through a fancy machine and determine that the sample they gathered is soot, from smoke. They test the walls of the kitchen and find a matching sample, more soot. These “experts” come to the conclusion that the smoke from the kitchen is causing soot to build up inside the ovens, which is causing food to burn. Their evidence is based purely on the fact that the soot on the wall matches the soot in the oven, implying that if the oven weren’t in proximity to the smoke, it wouldn’t have burnt the food.

The experts scramble to create a solution they can sell. So they take some of their soot sample, water it down, and throw some dirt in. They mix this up and spray it inside the ovens. By the time they do this, the ovens stopped burning food on their own. But the experts insist that everyone must spray this product in their oven, or risk everything, ever.

10 years later everyone’s ovens start burning food again. Experts confirm soot on the walls and ovens again, so they sell more soot-water-dirt and suggest more frequent applications. 10 years later, ovens begin burning food again even though people are doing everything the experts suggest(sell).

It turns out that (in this theoretical example) the entire electrical system is upgraded every 10 years, and increases it’s power output each time. The ovens begin burning food “for no reason” shortly after the power output increased, but experts completely ignore this.

What do you think?

Just like the oven “experts” think the smoke is causing the food to burn, our current disease management system “experts” think the virus is causing illness to build up in the person. And just like the oven experts are basing this on the fact that the soot on the walls is also inside the oven with no evidence of that soot causing the food to burn, our medical establishment has no evidence of viruses from the air entering the body and causing illness.

How are (aren’t) viruses spread?

If you search for “how are viruses spread” you will find information that admits being based on belief, no statistics of actual illness rates. The information available about the transmission of viruses, is only looking at the ability of genetic material to remain viable in our environment, with nothing about how well it can or cannot successfully infect a person.

Ask Google “how is influenza transmitted” and the CDC website will tell you “Most experts think that flu viruses spread mainly by droplets made when people with flu cough, sneeze or talk”. Ok, so “most” “experts” “think”. Wtf does that mean? Wth happened to double-blind controlled peer-reviewed science? How about single-blind? Or just anything? How about a SINGLE study showing how viruses are transferred? The only data on this topic proves that it doesn’t work.

When they talk about “virus transmission rate” they are measuring how much bioluminescence is created in a petri dish. –

What is the scientific or medical term for transmitting a virus?

Where is the term for the act of a virus gaining access to critical areas where it can apparently attack us?

Isn’t it odd that this term does not exist?

No, it’s not odd, because there is no science to show how a virus gains access to anything. All we have is a weak idea of “viruses” (genetic packets) knocking on the door of our cells and being granted access. Well, how did they get there? What process allows this to happen some of the time and not always. “Most experts think” is not science, it’s a belief. Guiding the future of the world based on belief is called cultism or extremism.

More examples

Imagine assuming the rooster making noise causes the sun to rise? If the propaganda machine repeated it long enough, people would believe this. Those people might even grow up and become scientists. If the right people pay them well enough, they might blindly create compelling data that makes it look like the rooster causes the sun to rise.

This next one is similar to the “soot burning food” idea. Except its a much better example of what is actually causing today’s illness.

Imagine sticking a few squirrels in the kitchen microwave on extremely low power. As some of the less healthy squirrels become ill, we study the genetic material they are breathing out and assume they are transferring it to each other. We spend the next 100 years trying to reproduce this issue and no matter what we do, we can’t get these genetic packets to cause a healthy squirrel to become ill.

What are the chances that the microwave radiation is causing the animals to become ill, and what they are breathing out is just their cell’s output from damage? Imo, if someone thinks the microwave radiation isn’t the direct cause of the animals becoming ill after we stick them in the microwave, they either have absolutely no idea how just about anything works, or they have some level of brain damage. I don’t mean to be rude with that comment, but imagine a self-aware computer denying the fact that water on its circuit boards might be causing issues.

Guess what? We live in a microwave. We convert BILLIONS of watts of energy into microwave radiation with all types of devices.

Technically, some of these are outside of the microwave range, but they are right next door. Radio is below microwave, and cellular phones are above. Radar and specific communications are inside the microwave bands. A simple way of looking at this is saying a volume of 100 can cook our ears, but volume 90 and 110 are outside of some kind of range we made up, so don’t worry about those. –

Remember the idea of increasing the electricity and causing the ovens to burn food, and then turning it around and blaming the soot?

Yea.. uh, we just upgraded our cellular communications again in mid-to-late 2019. We went from 4g which boasted 80 watts, to adding 5g which is capable of 30,000 watts and has the ability to “form(aim)” the beam. What do you think might happen to the squirrels if we turn up the power in the microwave? I bet they will get sick and excrete more cell damage.

Almost every worldwide major illness outbreak in the past 100 years happened shortly after we made massive upgrades to our radiation output. The 1918 Spanish flu was several months after the US military started using worldwide wireless communications. I believe it was 2002 and 2010 that we had some nasty flu outbreaks? Yea, that’s 3g and then 4g going live.

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Here is a great video summarizing the fraudulant germ THEORY idea.

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