Why Follow My Story?

When I started studying natural health, I found myself reading a lot of opinions that were hard to follow or agree with. A lot of the health support group, website, book and video creators have blinders on for several reasons and stick with one magical solution. This is usually because they sell a certain product that follows a specific mindset. Sometimes it’s because they found great relief in a product or nutrient, and they want everyone else to experience the same relief. But we’re all different, and one sided mindsets most likely won’t help us, or at least won’t make it easy to figure out which path is best.

Once I would finally find some well written info, I’d think about it for a few days and ask myself important questions about the safety of these new ideas that I’m reading from strangers on the internet. Then I would research the science behind these concepts or nutrients, and either end up confused, or scared. It seemed like natural health was just a tangled web of pros and cons that contradicted each other which made it seem like I was about to sign a contract titled Playing With Fire.

I’ve spent years filtering through this scattered information, conversing with others about their experiences, and experimenting on myself. And now I have a solid idea how just about all of it plays together.

But I’m still not a doctor, so how can anyone “trust” this information? Well, the only advice you’ll get out of me from all of my sites, is this one piece right here: don’t trust anyone, including me. Don’t read my story and assume consuming salt and iodine and supplements and laying under red light bulbs and doing coffee enemas is safe or going to help anyone. But if someone does head down this path of natural health, having other people’s story in mind may help paint a picture of the whole path, and help keep us on it, or find our way back to it.

I am a web developer, systems admin, programmer, computer geek etc. I look at things in a very analytical manor that allows me to break down the logic and see things for what they are. Over the years, I have used this to fix hundreds if not thousands of different machines and systems. Over time, I have caught onto a pattern that works in similar ways everywhere on this planet. This not only allowed me to learn how my body works, but see it in a much different way than most people seem to. This is why I invest my time sharing my experience and views with others.