My interview with Seeking Health

Join Tom and I for a casual chat about health. We cover some common topics and try to highlight how we can get started supporting our health in an interesting new way.

Resources mentioned in the video

Why did I do this interview?

When my health crashed several years ago, I didn’t see any other option but to figure out what was going on myself. I began studying health from every angle I was able to find and understand. Over the years I started to build an interesting view of how my body works.

Eventually I started researching a process called methylation, which is the core of our metabolism and the beginning of tons of biochemical pathways that allow our body to function. I didn’t realize it at first but these chemical pathways are like a blueprint or schematic to health.

While using this information to finally start making progress and continuing to study it, I ended up coming across information by Dr. Ben Lynch. The info he and his team have pulled together helped me understand how this works at a new level.

The purpose of this interview is to introduce people to Seeking Health and help put what these guys are doing into perspective. Whether we’re already working with a practitioner, want or need to find a better one, or are tackling this situation ourselves, Seeking Health offers the resources we need to gain control of our body and health.

Ready for more info?

My several websites have about 100,000 words discussing various topics at a very simple level. What we’re doing here is rather advanced, so it takes a little time to take it all in. The main reason I’ve invested so much time into pulling this information together for you is because I do a pretty good job simplifying things and putting them in perspective. So take your time and let me know if you have questions or have a hard time finding information on a specific topic.

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