September 25, 2022

Iodine and DMSO

DMSO has gained popularity in these communities but so few people understand what it’s doing. It’s almost like adding rubbing alcohol to a stain to break up whatever it is. DMSO carries nutrients around our cells more easily. This sounds great but what happens when the alcohol starts eating the finish off of whatever we’re cleaning?

Our body uses MSM to create DMSO at the rate and location it prefers.

Using DMSO can be handy but it should be used very carefully. Most people have residue from perfume, lotion, soap, or laundry detergent etc on their skin, which the DMSO is now going to carry into our cells.

We don’t have an absorption issue in the sense most people assume. Our metabolic engine is not running which means it doesn’t have the energy to harness nutrients we consume, or we’re also not consuming enough nutrients in general.

It’s like if a lawnmower engine wasn’t able to run correctly because its covered with oil its been leaking onto itself for decades. Due to not being able to run correctly, it’s not burning fuel. But we’re ignoring the gunked up oil on the engine and assuming it has an issue absorbing gasoline…

Fixing this engine will take various “nutrients” but most people are only looking at gasoline and oil for the most part.

Our body is made of about a 100 raw nutrients which are converted into thousands of substances. We’re low on most of these. Iodine gives us the ability to rebuild, but the majority of us are so depleted of so many nutrients which is why we have various issues.

If we’ve been working on stomach acid and fat digestion and histamines and oxalates and glutathione etc etc and still have stubborn issues, then forcing iodine and DMSO might help us move forward. Otherwise, it’s likely carrying toxins around, and whatever it does break loose likely has no where to go except more tissue eventually.

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