Is Natural Detox Dependable?

If natural healing worked, we wouldn’t need modern medicine to come save the day, right?

How can we trust the effectiveness of natural healing when our current medical industry has so many prosperous solutions? And how can we trust the safety of natural healing when there’s so few studies?

This is where things get hairy and most likely require a person to look at big business a little differently than what they are used to.

For example,

The 20 largest settlements against pharma companies between 1991 and 2012 totals 19.3 BILLION dollars. Billion with a B $19,000,000,000.00.

Some will see this as collateral damage, and assume the risk is worth the reward, while others sigh at how damaging these products can be.

Forgetting about which one is right and wrong, look at the divide there is. The gap between viewpoints and understandings is completely opposite.

Let’s assume there are solid studies proving nature has an answer to just about everything when it comes to healing. And let’s assume the science behind drugs is all cherry picked and flawed, with instead, the full scope of data showing that most drugs cause more damage than anything. If this were really going on, most people would have no idea, because they don’t look at the real data, or understand it. And the profiteers that are cherry picking the data wouldn’t advertise the fact that they are doing so.

Here we are, with billions of dollars of science vs. billions of years of mother nature. How will we ever figure out which one we can trust? Hmm

Everything on this planet functions with specific reactions and materials. This can be looked at in many ways. If our task is to rake the yard, we’ll most likely benefit from having a rake. If our task were to mow the lawn, a lawn mower surely would come in handy. If that lawn mower ran on gasoline, we’re going to need gasoline or we won’t have the lawn mower to mow the lawn. If the oil drain plug isn’t in place, the engine can’t hold oil and the gasoline won’t work. Machines require specific parts and substances in the right places or they can’t function, it’s just how things work.

Another example is cooking a meal or baking a dessert. Without enough of the proper sweetener, cookies and brownies do not taste good. Without some type of good fat, most meals taste dry and bland. Recipes exist so we can reproduce the dish, if we don’t have all of the right components, we can’t make that recipe.

Life is like a super complex recipe. All we need to do is provide the proper ingredients, and it will make magic. The information to do so is on the internet, it’s just scattered, confusing and requires a lot of time to take in. That’s where my story comes in. I’m just going to explain what I figured out, giving an idea of a working path.